What to do in Gozo Eating Out

Eating Out in Gozo

Entwined within the very fabric of life in Gozo, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean, is eating out, and for such a small island, Gozo offers a surprising number of bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Favouring local produce with an eclectic mix of flavours, Gozo offers the chance to discover a broad range of new dishes, with many local specialities you just can’t get anywhere else.

The food of Gozo boasts an abundance of influences due to its position in the Mediterranean, sandwiched between Scilly and North Africa, and because of its past as a stop-off between these lands for visitors including Phoenicians, Romans, and Arabic peoples. Furthermore, Gozo’s past colonial masters – the French, Italian, and British have all left traces of their national cuisines behind them.

Must-try foods to look out for when eating out on Gozo include a sheep milk cheese known as gbejniet, and miniature pastries called pastizzi. As far as main courses go you could try a Gozitan baked rice dish called Ross fil-forn, Imqarrun (baked Macaroni), or a local rich pasta baked in a pastry case called Timpana. Indeed, pasta features prominently on the culinary landscape of Gozo, as does seafood (as you would expect).

One restaurant in particular – the Maldonado Bistro, is housed in cellars in the backstreets of Victoria and features a specialty dish of tagliolini pasta sautéed with calamari, sun-dried tomatoes and Gozitan cheese. Elsewhere, at the Maxokk bakery, the essential item for food lovers is a Gozitan Ftira with typical Mediterranean toppings – similar to pizza yes, but made instead with the same dough used to make local flat-bread.

Unique desserts are always on the menu in Gozo, too. A lot of the time these depend on the occasion. At Christmas, the choice is plentiful – be it qagħaq tal-għasel (honey rings), cassata (ricotta filled sponge with marzipan) or kannoli (ricotta-filled fried pastries.)

Finally, to compliment the rich array of local foods, there is Gozitan wine and beer for the delectation of discerning visitors. Tal-Massar Winery and Ta’ Mena produce full-bodied, fruity wines right there on the island of Gozo itself, and there is even a craft microbrewery, Lord Chambray, producing Gozitan beer.

When you book your Maltese villa holiday with SunChateaux, you will get the opportunity to sample many of the local delights in your villa which serves breakfast, lunch and a 4-course dinner 6 days per week. You can also explore the many restaurants and bars the island has to offer, hopefully sampling some of the Gozitan delights mentioned above.

Gozo, Malta Villas

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Villa Ta-Guzepp has 5 en-suite bedrooms and is built to a very high level spec with stylish interiors. The villa has 3 floors. On the ground level, there is a spacious bedroom with an ensuite wet room, ensuring easy access for wheelchair users or guests with disabilities. As standard for all our villas, there is an outdoor infinity pool. There is also an indoor plunge pool.

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Villa Ta-Ganna

Villa Ta-Ganna is sandstone villa situated in the pretty hamlet of San Pietru, Gharb on the Island of Gozo. With a spacious interior, 5 en-suite bedrooms, heated indoor plunge pool and outdoor private infinity pool with sunny terrace, it is really something special. Far reaching views across rolling countryside add to the sheer tranquility of the villa

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