Thinking of booking a luxury holiday to Gozo? We’re going to tell you how to find your dream villa in the sun.

Villa holidays in Gozo are all about escaping the crowds and having the freedom to do whatever you want – when you want. You never have to fight for a sunbed around the pool, you have the flexibility to stay in or go out and there’s never any worry about being disturbed by other people. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well – believe it or not, your break away could be even better. When you pick the right villa, not only can you enjoy as much peace and privacy as you wish but your party can also be close to all the exciting things Gozo has to offer. Now that’s more like it!

But – how can you be certain that you’re not going to be disappointed with your choice of holiday accommodation? Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat, family getaway or adventurous group experience, we’ve shared our top tips for ensuring you find your dream villa in Gozo. Let’s go.

  1. Pick a villa with a pool 

Gozo is a sunny holiday destination where the summers are guaranteed to be hot, so an infinity pool is a must-have. Even if you tend to be more of a toe dipper than a swimmer, you’re going to want a quick and inviting way to cool off after spending your days in the sun. And let’s be honest, no villa would be the same without a private swimming pool.

If you’re travelling with kids, you also want to make sure the pool is large enough for them to have some fun. Big pools are always best because your children can splash about with their favourite pool and beach toys. Travelling as a couple or adult group? You’re still going to want a large pool so that you can soak up the sun while relaxing on your inflatables. As luck would have it, SunChateaux offers you a choice of stylish villas in Gozo, with outdoor pools, indoor pools and jacuzzis.

  1. Make sure it comes with a generous sun terrace

When you’re at your villa in Gozo, you’re likely to spend most of your time outside, which means you’ll need a spacious sun terrace. There’s no better way to enjoy the mornings and evenings than sitting on an outdoor terrace and taking in the spectacular surrounding views. You can watch the sun rise with a morning cup of tea and watch it slowly go down at night with a glass of wine.

It’s also nice to have a large outdoor seating area so you can make the most of the alfresco dining. Regardless of how nice a villa is on the inside, the terrace is a special spot for creating memories and eating breakfasts, lunches and dinners together. That’s why all our villas boast a large private terrace area surrounding the pool so you can sit out or sunbathe at any time of the day.

  1. Stay in a picturesque location

While picking a villa with an infinity pool and large outdoor terrace is always going to be wonderful, it will be so much better when you have breath taking scenery to look at. Imagine sitting out with a refreshing drink or standing in the pool with picturesque countryside or sea views right in front of you. It’s amazing how much difference your surroundings make when you stay in a villa.

Let’s say you’re planning a honeymoon in Gozo for example. You don’t want to get to your villa to find your only outlook is another building. It’s not very romantic, is it? Maybe you want to travel to Gozo with your friends or family and completely switch off from the stresses of everyday life. All our villas in Gozo come with uninterrupted views to help you relax and melt any stress away.

  1. Get a good look at the inside and outside

The one thing you should never do is book a holiday through an agent, operator or an owner without seeing images of the villa’s interior and exterior. You want to be able to see what you’re paying for before parting with your money to ensure you’re getting precisely what you’ve been promised. If you don’t, and then you end up with a villa that doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll be left frustrated and hugely disappointed.

At, you’ll find a gallery of all our villas showcasing the beautiful interiors and exteriors we have to offer. There’s absolutely no reason why a villa holiday company or owner shouldn’t be able to provide you with plenty of photos of their accommodation online. If you can’t find anything on a website or a provider refuses to send you some images, this is probably a warning sign that the villa isn’t as nice as they’ve made it out to be.

  1. Go for an all-inclusive villa holiday

Many people fall in love with the level of luxury and first class hospitality that comes with our all-inclusive villa holidays. We also offer a wide range of packages with everything you need for the perfect villa escape.

As you’ll be paying for everything upfront, you can sit back and relax without worrying about hidden extras. But that’s not the only advantage of booking an all-inclusive villa holiday package through SunChateaux.

All of our all-inclusive Gozo villa holidays include:

  • Spacious and high spec villas
  • Return flights from London Gatwick
  • Return transfers from Gozo airport to your villa
  • Full board catering package including breakfast buffets and 4-course evening meals
  • Unlimited soft drinks, wine and beer
  • Child-friendly and adult-pleasing menus
  • Wi-Fi, satellite TV and Freeview channels, as well as Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation
  • Complimentary car hire, mountain bikes and access to tennis courts
  • Optional pre-booking of excursions and childcare service

When you go all-inclusive, you’ll find it easier to stick to your budget and make your entire holiday more affordable. As you’ll have your own private chef, you can also try new and ethnic cuisines and enjoy as much fresh local produce as you like. From mouth-watering meals throughout your stay to arranging gastronomy courses and Segway tours, SunChateaux literally takes care of everything.

  1. Choose a fully equipped villa

Although most villas in Gozo are equipped with adequate facilities, it’s always better to find accommodation that offers you extra for your hard-earned money. We’re talking satellite TV, DVD players, free Wi-Fi, Xboxes and fantastic quality CD players. You want to find the perfect base that also feels a little bit like home and features everything you could possibly need during your time away.

Also, Gozo is known for being rather hot (especially during the summer months) so air-conditioning is a must. We’ve all stayed in apartments, hotels and villas that have fans, and you must admit, they aren’t really any good at keeping you cool on a scorching hot day or humid evening. With our villas, you will always have a modern air conditioning system to ensure your party feels comfortable both day and night.

  1. Check out online reviews

These days, most sun seekers scan through real customer reviews for reassurance, and to be honest, we can’t blame them. Unfortunately, some holiday brochures and websites are filled with misleading information, so it makes sense to read honest feedback from the people who’ve actually stayed in the villa you’re thinking of booking. Here at SunChateaux, we’re proud of the feedback we receive from our customers and love to share our reviews for the world to see.

Remember, just because a travel and tourism provider tells you how amazing their accommodation is – it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the whole truth. You need to do your research and spend some time reading online reviews. Any trustworthy villa holiday company will be happy to showcase their customer reviews on their website and social media pages.

  1. Research the area you’re thinking of staying in Gozo

Why? Because you want to make sure you’re going to be staying in a villa that’s located in an area with plenty of things for you to do and see. If you’re planning on spending your entire holiday at your chosen villa, you probably don’t need to worry too much about checking out the local attractions and amenities.

If you want to get out and about to every now and then (or all the time) to explore Gozo, you’ll need to discover the best place to stay. Our villas are situated on Malta’s sister island, Gozo because it offers lots of exciting options for our guests young and old. Gozo is a charming and tranquil haven with stunning beaches and a rural feel, making it ideal for a relaxing break. However, it also features panoramas, pre-historic temple ruins and a bustling nightlife, as well as plenty of hiking paths and scuba-diving sites – giving you the best of both worlds.

  1. Google Earth the villa you’re considering

When you think, you’ve falling in love with a villa, use Google earth to give you a real-life view of the surroundings. This way, you’ll see exactly where the villa is located and whether it is situated in an area you like the look of. You can also use Google Maps ‘browse street view images’ feature, which allows you to drop a little yellow man icon on a road near to the villa you’re considering. You can then go on a virtual tour of the immediate surroundings, and if you like what you see, book your villa through us with confidence.

Final word

Finding your perfect villa escape in Gozo just requires a good think about what you want from your holiday. Yes, there are lots of great villas out there – but they won’t all be suitable for your specific requirements. When you select an all-inclusive villa holiday through SunChateaux, you can be confident that you’ll get 5-star rated accommodation and superb hospitality, as well as a stress-free and memorable break away from home.

Emily Williams – Travel Blog Writer